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In late 1800’s London, Eva Alderson and her widowed mother, Margie, are barely making ends meet. In love with her childhood friend, Georgie, sixteen-year-old Eva dreams of a brighter future with him—but when he decides to leave London without clearly making his love for her known, Eva’s entire world crumbles. Desperately in search of hope, she finds herself in the affections of a handsome gentleman named Lucious Paddimir.

His guise of love and protection hides a carefully planned and methodically executed ruse—meant to seduce, deceive, and entrap Eva. Soon, she finds herself imprisoned in Lucious’ world and addicted to a strong and unrelenting opiate of his making—Mr. Paddimir’s Juice.

Quickly and passionately, he takes over Eva’s life and her body, claiming both as his own. Ultimately, all semblance of freedom is taken from Eva as she is forced into prostitution by the very man who had sworn to always love and protect her.  When Georgie hears of her disappearance, he embarks on a journey fueled by relentless love—determined to free her of Lucious, even if it costs Georgie his life.


His name is merely a mysterious whisper among her acquaintances, his persona intriguing and alluring. With sweetest words and even sweeter promises, Lucious Paddimir ensnares Eva’s broken heart in his tangled web.



Here's what readers are saying about Mr. Paddimir's Juice...

"The characters were engaging and you felt like you were right there with them. It raises awareness to so many current topics in the world today. I would definitely recommend this book!"

"Recommend this book to teens through adults, women and men. It is tastefully written yet, puts you right in the passion of the moment and is an encouragement that one's past can be redeemed."

"I have never read a better novel that evokes so many genuine emotions and so masterfully written. Author Taran Schilg
 has a dedicated reading fan and excited to add future works to my new collection!!"

"This is a story with great insight about the world and how our lives are shaped by the choices we make... There is so much truth embedded in this story that it reaches into your heart and begins to speak to you personally."


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*A portion of all proceeds will be donated to help rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.


Helping Victims of Human Trafficking

Millions of children and teens are taken into human trafficking to be used against their will for billions in illegal profit. It is considered by our governments to be the "modern slavery" of our time. In an effort to help combat this tragedy, a portion of all proceeds from the royalties of the sale of this book will be donated to charities and ministries that rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.



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